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The trophy for the benchmarking award, The Factory of the Year/GEO, is a symbiosis of human being and machine. The Belgian sculptor, Henri Lannoye, created a wide variety of effects in his work. The shape of the head, for example, is designed in line with the first human being, the homo sapiens discovered in Africa. The computer chips in both hollow cavities at the front of the head symbolize the high value placed on our scientific and technological progress.

The GEO Award expands beyond the factory to include strenghtening along the entire supply chain and product development for a business unit.


1. What is The Factory of the Year/GEO Award?

2. Why should I participate?

3. How much will it cost to participate?

4. How can I receive an electronic version of the questionnaire?

5. Will my data be treated confidentially?

6. Will my participation in the competition be announced publicly?

7. How much time does it take to fill out the questionnaire?

8. How long will it take for the on-site visits?

9. Who should coordinate filling out of the questionnaire?

10. Do all questions need to be answered?

11. How can I receive support when filling out the questionaire?